Visiting Cincinnati – What To See?

There are many interesting things to see in Cincinnati. You can visit The Reds Hall of Fame, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Cincinnati Art Museum and the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. These attractions will give you a glimpse into the history of this city as well as show you some of its natural beauty.

Showboat Majestic

Showboat Majestic is a bona-fide National Historic Landmark located on Cincinnati’s scenic riverfront. The Showboat Majestic still features the best in musicals, comedies, and dramas making it a great attraction for adults and families to visit.

Coney Island

Coney Island is home to the Sunlite Pool which is the worlds largest recirculating pool. The pool has a large available shallow area, and deeper areas for driving boards and swimming. Coney has over 50 rides and attractions such as mini golf, bumper and pedal boats, water slides and thrill rides. Coney island is has been around for a long time and it is still a great attraction to visit for a fun day in the sun.

Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum

The Cincinnati Reds have a storied history being the first professional club, hosting the first night game, and dominating the 1970s as the Big Red Machine. The Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame & Museum covers all facets of the teams history and origin. The museum has plenty to offer for all Reds fans, and also has areas geared towards kids.

You Will Find Awesome Food In Cincinnati As Well

The food scene in Cincinnati is one of the best features of the city. You will find everything from award-winning restaurants to hole-in-the-wall dives with amazing food. The city has a food tour that gives you an opportunity to visit some of the best places for steaks, burgers and more. There are also many different types of cuisine available including Italian, Greek, French, Thai, Chinese and more.

Okto Greek restaurant is one of the fun Cincinnati restaurants to visit. The restaurant is known for its delicious Mediterranean food and Greek dishes that have been passed down through generations. It’s a great place to enjoy a meal with family or friends, or just stop by for some tasty appetizers. If you’re looking for a fun place to eat in Cincinnati, OH look no further than Okto Greek Restaurant!

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