Is Halo Collar Better Than Invisible Fence?

When it comes to keeping your pet safe, both Halo Collar and Invisible Fence are popular choices for pet owners. While both systems offer a way to create a boundary for your pets, there are some key differences that can make one a better option for you.


Halo Collar: The Halo Collar uses GPS technology to create a virtual fence for your pet. This allows you to create a custom-shaped boundary that fits your property perfectly. The GPS system is highly accurate and constantly updates your pet’s location, ensuring they stay within the designated area.

Invisible Fence: Invisible Fence uses a combination of radio signals and buried wires to create a boundary for your pet. While this system is reliable, it requires professional installation and may be affected by interference from other electronic devices.


Halo Collar: The Halo Collar is a DIY solution, meaning you can set it up yourself without the need for professional installation. Simply walk the perimeter of your desired boundary with the Halo Collar app, and the system will create a virtual fence for your pet.

Invisible Fence: Invisible Fence requires professional installation, which can be costly and time-consuming. The installation process involves burying wires around your property, which can be invasive and may require additional maintenance over time.


Halo Collar: The Halo Collar system includes a comprehensive training program called Halo University. This program is designed by renowned dog trainer Cesar Millan and provides step-by-step guidance on how to train your pet to understand and respect the boundaries set by the Halo Collar.

Invisible Fence: Invisible Fence offers professional training services to help your pet understand and respect the boundaries. However, this training is an additional cost on top of the installation and equipment fees.


Halo Collar: The Halo Collar is a more affordable option compared to Invisible Fence. The initial cost of the collar and app subscription is lower, and there are no installation costs or additional training fees.

Invisible Fence: Invisible Fence has a higher initial cost due to the professional installation and equipment.


Halo Collar: The Halo Collar offers flexibility in terms of boundary shape and size, allowing you to create a custom area that fits your property perfectly. Additionally, the GPS technology allows you to create temporary boundaries for trips to parks or other locations.

Invisible Fence: Invisible Fence is limited by the shape and size of the buried wire, which may not be as customizable as the Halo Collar’s GPS technology. Additionally, Invisible Fence does not offer the same flexibility for temporary boundaries.

As you can see from various Halo Collar reviews and Halo dog fence reviews, the Halo Collar is designed to be more flexible and customizable than other systems on the market. You can create a custom area that fits your property perfectly, and you have the option of creating temporary boundaries when traveling with your dog.


In conclusion, while both Halo Collar and Invisible Fence provide a solution for keeping your pet safe, the Halo Collar offers more flexibility, easier installation, and a lower overall cost. With its GPS technology and comprehensive training program, the Halo Collar may be a better option for many pet owners.

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