Different Styles of Corsets in Australia

Corsets are a wardrobe staple for many women in Australia, and with so many different styles to choose from, it can be hard to decide. Whether you’re looking for a classic, vintage, modern or gothic corset , there’s a corset to suit every taste.

Classic Corsets

Classic corsets are the most popular style in Australia. These corsets typically fit tightly around the waist and have a structured bodice, often with boning or metal stays for extra support. Classic corsets are usually made from silk, satin, or velvet fabric and have decorative detailing such as lace, ribbons and beads. These corsets are great for everyday wear, and can be dressed up or down depending on your style.

Vintage Corsets

Vintage corsets are a timeless classic and often feature intricate detailing such as lace, ribbons, pearls and other embellishments. The boning or metal stays are typically lighter than in classic corsets, and the fabric is usually softer and more comfortable. Vintage corsets are a perfect choice for special occasions and formal events.

Modern Corsets

Modern corsets are a more contemporary take on the classic style. These corsets are usually made from lightweight fabrics such as cotton or lycra, and have minimal boning or metal stays. The fabric is usually more stretchy and comfortable to wear, making it a great choice for everyday wear. Modern corsets are also a great choice for those who want a corset but don’t want to feel too restricted.

Gothic Corsets

Gothic corsets are a great way to add a bit of edge to your wardrobe. These corsets usually feature bold colors and daring designs, such as skulls, spiders, and bats. The fabric is usually leather or vinyl, and the boning or metal stays are usually heavier than in classic or vintage corsets. Gothic corsets are perfect for those who want to make a statement with their look.

Whatever style of corset you’re looking for, there are plenty of options in Australia. Whether you’re looking for a classic, vintage, modern or gothic corset – you’re sure to find something to suit your style.

Different Styles And Designs

Corsets come in a range of styles and designs. You can choose from traditional underbusts or bustiers to more unique pieces like waist cinchers, overbusts and longline corsets. If you are looking for something special, there are also corset tops available that have no boning but still provide some shaping.

Where to Buy Corsets in Australia?

There are a variety of places to buy corsets in Australia. From online stores to brick and mortar shops, there is sure to be something to suit everyone’s taste. Cybershop is a one-stop shop for all your corset needs. They have an awesome range of styles, designs and sizes to suit every body shape.

From underbust to corset overbust to longline and waist cincher, you can find a corset to suit your needs. Their range also includes different materials such as satin, cotton, lace, leather and latex. They are not just limited to black either, there is a huge selection of colors available including red, purple and green.


Whether you’re looking for a basic corset to wear under your clothing or something that will show off your curves, there is sure to be something in the range of Cybershop that will suit you. With their huge range of sizes and styles, they are sure to have something to suit everyone’s tastes.

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