What is Rhinoplasty – Nose Job?

The nose is the most prominent facial feature and defines your face. Nose reshaping surgery can be done to change the size, shape, and symmetry of your nose. It can also be used to correct birth defects such as a deviated septum or nose that is too small or large for your face.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the United States and around the world. In fact, rhinoplasty is one of only two cosmetic surgeries (along with eyelid surgery) that consistently ranks in the top five most popular procedures among both men and women each year in this country.

Nose Job Procedure

The nose job procedure is performed under general anesthesia. It typically takes about two hours to complete, although some surgeons may perform it in as little as one hour. Your surgeon will make incisions inside your nostrils and around the base of your nose.

Next, your surgeon will remove excess fat and tissue from the inside of your nose, reshaping the nasal bones and cartilage. Your surgeon will then reposition any septal cartilage that has been damaged or removed.

Finally, your surgeon will close the incisions and bandage your nose.

Nose jobs are highly personalized procedures that require careful consideration before undergoing any surgical procedure. At The Seattle Rhinoplasty Center, they work closely with each patient to ensure they receive the results they desire while maintaining their natural feel and look.

How Will Your Nose Look After Surgery?

The results of your surgery will depend on the type and extent of work required but most people find that their new nose looks natural and blends well with their other facial features.

The appearance of your nose will be determined by several factors, such as the type of procedure you have and the goals you want to achieve. The goal of rhinoplasty is to give each patient a nose that looks natural and blends well with their facial features.

Nose Surgery in Seattle, WA

If you want the best nose job Seattle has to offer, contact the team at The Seattle Rhinoplasty Center. The Seattle Rhinoplasty Center is the leading provider of nose surgery in Seattle, WA. They offer a wide range of procedures, including rhinoplasty, septoplasty and turbinate surgery. Their surgeons are highly trained and experienced in the field of nose surgery and can help you achieve the look you desire.

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